Portraits/Portretten Graphite

This portfolio is an example from what is possible. New finished portraits will be added here. If you would like to commission a portrait, send me a message.

Dit portolio is een voorbeeld van de mogelijkheden. Heeft u vragen of wilt u een portret laten maken? Stuur mij een bericht.

Portretten / portraits Graphite

"portret" "portrait" "woman" "vrouw" "water"
"portret" "portrait" "man" "graphite"
"portrait" "portret" "basketball player"  "speler"
"dalai lama"  "portrait" "portret"
"Jason stathem" "portret" "portrait"
"morgan freeman" "portrait" "portret" "graphite"
"portrait" "portret" "zwartwit" "steve"
"portret jongen""portrait boy" "portret" "portrait"
"portret laten maken""portret kind""portret jongen" "portret van foto"
"portrait boy"  "portret jongen" "portret laten maken"
"portret laten maken" "make a portrait"
"portret vrouw" "portrait woman"
"portret van kind" "portrait of child"

Wildlife & Pets/Dieren Graphite

"portret" "portrait" "charly" "Krefeld zoo"
"horse" " paard" "drawing of a horse" "tekening van paard"
"portrait horse" "portret paard" "tekening" "arabier"
"portret van paard" "portrait of horse" "tekening"
"portrait dog" "portret hond" "hond"
"portret haas" " portret dier" "portrait wild life" " portrait hare" "haas"
"portret vogel" "portrait bird" "vogels" "birds" "kauw" "tekening"
"portret hond" "portrait dog" "portret zwartwit" "hond" "dog"
"portrait wildelife" "portret wilde dieren" "chimpansee" "chimp" "jonge chimp" "young chimp"
"portret konijn" portrait rabbit"  "grahite" "zwart wit"
"tekening hond" "portret hond" "hond" "dog" "Wiegel"

Wildlife & Pets colour/Dieren Kleur

"koala" "drawing" "tekening" "portret" "portrait"
"mandril" "portret" "portret van wild dier" "portrait of wild life"
"tekening van baby" "tekening van wild dier" "orang oetan" "baby"
"spin" " spider" "drawing of spider"   "tekening van spin"  "spinnetje"
"tekening van insect" "insect" "mot" "lief"
"portret van aap" "portrait of monkey" "snwomonkey" "japanse makaak" "portret"" "tekening"
"tekening van wild dier" "tekening van wilde dieren" "portret van wild dier"
"portrait of zebra" "tekening van wild dier" "zebra"
"portret van wold" "wolf tekenen" "portrait of wolf"
"tekening van wild dier""portrait wildelife" "ramonafineart"
"tekening van wilde dieren""jan van gent" "portret"
"eekhoorn in de sneeuw""portret wilde dieren" "portret van foto"
"tekening van konijn" "drawing of rabbit" "sweet" "lief konijn"
"wildlife portrait" "portrait from picture" "wilde dieren tekening"
"portret hond" "portret laten maken" "Lex Thoen"

Iets anders

Commission a portrait

You can find more information about prices, size and color on  the  "commissions and contact" page. 

Een portret laten maken

U kunt meer informatie vinde over het maken van een portret, prijzen, maten en kleur op de "Opdrachten  en contact" pagina. 


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