Work in Progress

On this page I will show you my work in progress. I will take photo's of my work in what artists call 'the ugly stage'. Very simple, the portrait is not finished!


Racing bike on track


This drawing was a real challenge. Not only was it a long time ago since I drew something in full color but it's a subject I never drew before.  

A motorcycle racer on the track! A fellow artist set me up to this challenge and I am very happy he did. Thanks Ron!

I started the drawing on the left side so with the back part of the motorcycle. First the tail light and then I worked my way to the front.



The first logo's are there too. Those were the biggest challenges.

There is a lot of colour in this portrait. On these pics you can see the motorcyclist coming little by little. I had to take a few breaks. All those details and the mini stickers everywhere. I am happy that I pushed through and finished.

And here the finished portrait! Eat that Ron!