My work

Hi, I am Ramona, a self-taught artist. I started drawing in 2017 and build up my skills to what they are now. Below you can find some of my work. It is photo realism and I try to get to hyper realism. If you have any questions about my work or interested in a commission, please contact me through the contact form or send me a message through my Facebook page.

Saiga antelope

The two portraits above: a saiga antelope from Russia. Endangered species because it is probably nice to eat but also people taking over their habitat for farmland and build houses. Once there where millions of them like the reindeer. I wanted to give it a face to the world and the photographer was happy with the portrait. 

Woman in water

And a young woman coming out of the water, under the shower? I do not know. The water on her face was a challenge and I think I can say, nailed it! Water is hard to draw, the round edges, the glimmer.

Arab mare

 It was a wish to draw a horse and I liked it so much, I drew almost three in a row. This here is a mare, an arab. The owner said she is very stubborn and rarely listens once.


The look on her face here. She was running around in the field, being happy outside till the owner came with the camera.

Make of it what you will but the look could say... yes? What? Not coming to you!


Something else. After mainly portraits of people and animals in color and graphite, I wanted to try something else. Normally, I would say:' It has to have eyes! I want the portrait to look back at me while I draw. Make it come to life.'

I tried to draw an elephant and a goat. Do not ask me why but I failed in doing so. The eyes. I just could not focus. An elephant is a big, beautiful animal but I could just not do it! I`ve read and searched and found myself other challenges to draw, objects without ' real’ eyes.

It is a lot of work! All the details in a locomotive or the Fiat 500 (old model) But worth my time. The locomotive found its way to the US and the Fiat was a present for my husband.


Down below more examples of my work.